Fencing Sport Photography fills the gap for the lack of visibility with professional fencing photography in the world of Sport and Australian Sports Photography.   Created with passion and a bit of madness by Ed Chiu, a prolific advertising photographer with over 22 years of experience in Sydney, Melbourne, Paris and Tokyo.

All photography are fully self commissioned for events outside Melbourne, including airfares, transportation and accomodation. Over 200 hours of post production for ‘Per day of fencing comp’ to ensure highest standard is presented.

To support the work, please refrain from downloading any images from the proof, scrub off the watermark using AI software.  Remember the fencing community is small, play fair and we will get along just fine!

Purchasing the digital print is greatly appreciated.  Don’t forget to share and tag. 

Let’s all Make Australian Fencing Photography Great Again!”  #MakeOzFencingPhotosGreatAgain