The photo above is where it all started and one of the reasons why I created this website and associate platforms.

Backstory –  I shot that photo of the Senior Mens Foil during the semi between Matt FOSTER vs Robert CICCARELLI at AFC #4 in 2022. This was also my first time shooting a circuit as I was still navigating around different component of a fencnig comp.  Prior to this, I had already shot few state comps in Victoria and some for my fencing club.  I was still on my training wheels with fencing photography however after shooting commercial and fashion for 22 years, the transition into sport photography is very much like extra 50 hours on open road before you get a 4 tonnes truck licence.

This photo was also 1 of 40 as finalist in  Martial Arts category at World Sport Photography Award 2023, the first Australian fencing photo in the history of this award, which gives us more exposure in the world sport photography industry.  More about this in the future section for the website.

Formally trained in Fine Art Photography for 3 years before getting accepted into Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) Film School in 1999.  Added to the accolades are several award winning stage productions and getting my work exhibited in New York, Cannes and London before the age of 21. I seldom do anything on a small scale as I continue to challenge myself to push the boundaries while continuously learning about light and cinematography.

Photography is no longer just about pressing the shutter, I also specialise in content development, digital strategy, ecommerce, branding and digital asset management (metadata, rights management, copyright and workflow).  I am also a consultant who help business see the value of their digital assets in marketing, but staying ahead of the trend and constantly upskilling are my strength.   Other times I’m a mentor for University of Melbourne alumni since 2016 – the empowerment aspect is also visible throughout my platform at Fencing Sport Photography Instagram.

See you at the next fencing comp!